The 3rd International Conference on Community Engagement and Education for Sustainable Development

Conference Date. 16 Nov 2022 - 17 Nov 2022

The necessity of the twenty-first century is the sustainable development (SD) or sustainability. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) worldwide will be expected to play a critical role in providing the knowledge base for this global transition. Protecting the planet, bringing people out of poverty, and furthering economic progress are all interwoven parts of the same concept: sustainability. To achieve the sustainability, it includes HEIs community engagement as HEIs must actively promote community participation through systematic realignment of institutional objectives, curriculum reforms, use-inspired research, and new partnerships. Community Engagement will be on par with the other two mission areas of universities – teaching and research – when carried out as part of established university frameworks, policies, and enabling legislation.

Meanwhile, HEIs as the primary promoters of education for sustainable development, are the most affected by the pandemic of all government and non-government organizations in the world. Since the first quarter of last year, HEIs have been planning how to deal with the pandemic so that they can continue to provide the high-quality education that students and other stakeholders expect. Educational policies were developed, new learning environments and modalities were developed, teacher capacity-building efforts were planned and implemented, youth-oriented activities were initiated, and community empowerment projects were established.
All these HEI programs are based on the ESD for 2030 roadmap, which outlines the world's major challenges and emphasizes the implementation of the new Education for Sustainable Development: Towards Achieving the SDGs (ESD for 2030) framework, which aims to enhance education's contribution to building a more just and sustainable world. The roadmap outlines actions in five priority action areas on policy, learning environments, educator capacity building, youth, and local level action, emphasizing ESD's critical role in achieving the 17 SDGs and the massive individual and community transformation required to address the urgent sustainability challenges (UNESCO,

Hence, the 3rd International Conference on Community Engagement and Education for Sustainable Development (ICCEESD) 2022 with the theme Strengthening Education for Sustainability Towards Better Community Engagement aims to reflect and discuss the good practices of HEIs in how enhancing community engagement activities for Education Sustainable Development (ESD) towards achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It is expected that this conference will provide as a forum for the presenters and participants to communicate their best practices, policies, and other Community Engagement for ESD implementations during the pandemic. Finally, such sharing would help the ICCEESD 2022 participants by providing them with baseline information for the development of plans, programs, and activities critical to the advancement of the world's sustainable development goals.

Eastparc Hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
16 Nov 2022 - 17 Nov 2022
Paper Submission
14 Jul 2022 - 27 Aug 2022


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