The 4th International Conference on Environmental Resource Management in Global Region

Faculty of Geography, Universitas Gadjah Mada, 01 Nov 2021 - 02 Nov 2021

Landscape is very dynamic. In line with the development of an increasingly high population, the dynamics of the landscape have also changed due to an increase in the intensity of the population in utilizing land. The condition of the corona virus pandemic since the beginning of 2020 has resulted in two impacts to the environment. On the one hand it has provided a positive impact in the form of improving ...Read More

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31 Jul 2021 - 30 Sep 2021

The 7th International Conference on Biological Sciences

Virtual conference, 14 Oct 2021 - 15 Oct 2021

INTRODUCTION Health is frequently considered as a basic human right and is defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) as not simply being free from illness but in a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Biodiversity can be considered as the establishment for human health as it supports the working of the ecosystems on which we depend for our food and fresh water; aids in regulating climate, ...Read More

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15 Apr 2021 - 30 Sep 2021

Looking beyond the first year, the network of ISTAP will aim to develop pilot projects focused on sustainable animal production, specific evidence based on research and experiences of community, and communicating these with a view to inspiring further implementation. With the idea to contribute and share technologies and studies in favor of sustainable livestock ISTAP VIII recommended to prepare ISTAP IX Topic about global network on sustainable animal production ...Read More

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01 Apr 2021 - 30 Sep 2021

AINI meeting which held in ILDEX Forum Jakarta has become the base for Faculty of Animal Science, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta to provide “The 6th International Seminar of Animal Nutrition and Feed Science (ISAINI) 2021”. Considering the climate change, the development of animal industry must be friendly with the environment condition, especially in the tropical area. The environment issue always be a main consideration in the livestock production. Recently, system ...Read More

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25 Mar 2021 - 07 Jul 2021

The International Graduate Students and Scholars' Conference in Indonesia (IGSSCI) is an annual forum for academicians, researchers and practitioners to exchange knowledge and information in the broad area socio-cultural, religious, science and technology. The event has a pivotal role in improving research linkages in this region. This conference invites graduate students and scholars who are doing research or interested in Indonesian issues to present their paper. The presenters from ...Read More

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21 Dec 2020 - 22 Mar 2021

Smallholders account for 85% of world natural rubber production. Monospecific plantations are currently the main rubber-based cropping system worldwide, except in Indonesia where rubber-based agroforestry systems (RAS) still account for 20-30% of the surface of rubber plantations. RAS are usually presented as more resilient to natural rubber price volatility and climate change than monospecific plantations. However, the resilience of RAS depends on the sharing of resources (light, water, nutrient) between ...Read More

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18 Jan 2021 - 15 Mar 2021

International Conference of Advanced Veterinary Science and Technologies for Sustainable Development

The 1st ICAVESS will be hosted virtually using Zoom meeting application on 28-29 March 2021, 28 Mar 2021 - 29 Mar 2021

  International Conference of Advanced Veterinary Science and Technologies for Sustainable Development (ICAVESS) is an international conference organized by Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,  Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia. The 1st ICAVESS will be hosted virtually using Zoom meeting application on 28-29 March 2021. The conference provides an academic platform for researchers, academicians, practitioners, students, professionals, NGOs, industries and any stakeholders around the world to present research results and concomitantly develop possible communication for ...Read More

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30 Dec 2020 - 06 Feb 2021

Simposium Nasional Teknologi Infrastruktur Abad ke-21 (SNTI)

Departemen Teknik Sipil dan Lingkungan FT UGM - Virtual conference, 25 Jan 2021 - 26 Jan 2021

Simposium Nasional Teknologi Infrastruktur Abad ke-21 (SNTI) Departemen Teknik Sipil dan Lingkungan, Fakultas Teknik, Universitas Gadjah Mada (DTSL FT UGM) menyelenggarakan Simposium Nasional Teknologi Infrastruktur (SNTI) yang ditujukan kepada mahasiswa, akademisi dan praktisi. Kegiatan ini ditujukan sebagai wadah publikasi di tingkat nasional dan ajang networking dalam pengembangan teknologi infrastruktur. Penulisan makalah harus sesuai dengan panduan penulisan naskah makalah yang dapat diunduh di sini.   Read More

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01 Oct 2020 - 22 Dec 2020

The 2nd Conference on Community Empowerment for Health (2nd CCE Health) 2020

Zoom Meeting CCE Health 2020 and Ina Health Youtube Streaming, 28 Nov 2020 - 28 Nov 2020

Journal of Community Empowerment for Health (JCOEMPH) is a scientific journal managed by Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing Universitas Gadjah Mada. JCOEMPH vision is to become an Indonesian journal with international reputation focusing on community empowerment for health. Regarding JCOEMPH’s mission to increase publication of research findings based on community empowerment, JCOEMPH conducts the 2nd Conference on Community Empowerment for Health (2nd CCE Health), bringing a theme “Elimination ...Read More

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20 Oct 2020 - 27 Nov 2020

UC Graduate Student Forum 2020

UGM - Virtual Conference, 10 Dec 2020 - 11 Dec 2020

Virtual UC Graduate Student Forum 2020 - Universitas Gadjah Mada, INDONESIA "Resilient Food and Agricultural System for Accelerating Economic Recovery: Strategy and Implementation" Sub Themes : Sustainable production system Logistics and value chain Sustainable agribusiness Agro-industry 4.0 Institutions and society Important Dates : Oct 6 – Nov 20 Extended abstract submission Nov 27 – Dec 4 Participants registration Dec 10-11 Virtual UCGF Read More

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06 Oct 2020 - 20 Nov 2020

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