1st Conference on Community Empowerment for Health (1st CCE Health)

Conference Date. 19 Jul 2019 - 20 Jul 2019

Journal of Community Empowerment for Health (JCOEMPH) is a new scientific journal managed by Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing Universitas Gadjah Mada. JCOEMPH vision is to become Indonesian journal with international reputation focusing in community empowerment for health, specifically in rural area.

Regarding JCOEMPH’s mission to increase publication of research findings based on community empowerment, JCOEMPH conducts the 1st Conference on Community Empowerment for Health (1st CCE Health), bringing a theme “Community Empowerment to Improve Health Status in Rural Area”. The conference aims to provide a platform for lecturers, practitioners, researchers, and students to improve their knowledge as well as to share their ideas, thoughts, and research findings.

1st CCE Health invites the Regent of Kulon Progo, dr. Hasto Wardoyo, Sp.OG(K)., as the first keynote speakers to share his experiences and strategies in community empowerment. The second keynote speaker is Prof. Susan M. Sawyer from University of Melbourne, who is expert in global adolescent health. In addition, there will be two panel discussions to trigger an exchange of perspectives among experts on community empowerment.

1st CCE Health accommodates publication on community empowerment, community services, health facility, medical education based on community, medical anthropology, emergency and disaster management, health workforce, and epidemiology in rural area. The conference will be held on July 19 - 20**, 2019.

**Participants with selected full paper that willing to publish full paper in JCOEMPH will be rewarded with field trip and special workshop to Desa Batik Sehat, Lendah, Kulon Progo


Gd. Pascasarjana Tahir Foundation 8th Floor, Faculty of Medicine, Public Health, and Nursing, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta
19 Jul 2019 - 20 Jul 2019
Paper Submission
22 Apr 2019 - 16 Jun 2019